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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Mental and performance training for athletes to consistently perform their best and to win in life after sport

About Alpha Athlete

Alpha Athlete is a service dedicated to helping athletes reach their highest potential both on and off the field or court. As a former high level athlete, I understand that success is every bit as much mental as it is physical. Now running a sales organization and having the opportunity to interview hundreds of people, I’ve seen where people lack the mental skills to create success in life. It is my passion to help people create success, find fulfillment, and reach their goals.

Sports are great, but we will most likely only be competitive athletes for a small segment of our lives.  If taught properly, the skills, mindset, decision making framework, and habits of elite athletes can help create success, fulfillment and a life well lived.

meet the team



Malcolm Havens

Malcolm Havens was the 2007 FILA National & World Grappling Champion.  NCAA Division 1 Wrestler at University of Wyoming, Conference Champion, NCAA Strength and Conditioning All American

Malcolm & Cassandra Havens

Together Malcolm and his wife Cassandra run a growing sales organization and they teach and train leaders across the country.

Marathon Runners
  • Sports Bridge mindset program

    8 Week Intensive Program
    Valid for 3 months
    • Learn and practice the mindset of champions
    • Develop a decision making framework to win in life
    • Master your thought life
    • Build an unbeatable self image
    • Build a daily scorecard that allows you to win every day
    • Translate athletic stills into life skills


"Temporary discomfort leads to permanent improvement"

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