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my Mission

I've been an athlete my entire life. I say often "once an athlete, always an athlete".  As i've transitioned out of the sport of wrestling and into the business world, it took me years to understand that the same character traits, both performance character and moral character, are the same character traits that will translate into success outside of the athletic arena.  These character traits apply in any and all arenas in which you wish to reach your potential. Business, marriage, health, relationships, they're all the same.  If someone had been intentional about teaching me the character traits that create greatness,  I have no doubt my career as an athlete would have been more prosperous but i also believe I would have created success outside of the athletic arena much sooner.  Its not my mission to teach as many kids as possible the mindset, mental skills and character traits that will create success in the athletic arena, and how to translate those into other areas of life.  In looking at life and the pursuit of dreams, we set people up for failure when we encourage people to dream but we don't talk about the type of person that they'd have to become in order to accomplish those dream.  My mission is to help you become that person.

About Me

To learn more about me and to see weekly postings on various topics, visit my blog by clicking HERE


Malcolm Havens


  • B.A. Human Nutrition and Metabolism University of Wyoming

  • NCAA Division I WAC Conference Champion

  • NCAA Division I Strength and Conditioning All American

  • Personal Trainer & Gym Owner for over 10 years

  • Featured on Spike TV's "4th and Long" 

  • 2007 FILA Grappling National Champion

  • 2007 FILA Grappling World Champion


ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

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